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    NUC6CAYH - HDMI output over 50Hz - periodic screen tearing - HD Graphic Driver Bug Report


      Hello to All.


      This discussion serves as an official bug report submission for the Intel HD Graphics Driver concerning  the NUC6CAYH kit.


      This issues has been described before by MannT in this NUC6CAYH - Problem with HDMI 60HZ on HD TV question that remained unanswered, since MannT decided to give up on the product.


      MannT describes the issue very clearly in his question. If I can add something to his description would be that this "interference" he describes happens every few seconds and becomes utterly annoying after a couple of minutes. This is a total deal-breaker.


      The issue is also present using lower resolutions and even higher refresh rates, e.g 1280x1024@75Hz. It seems that irrespective of the resolution if the refresh rate is higher that 50Hz, the issue manifests itself.


      I have spent the last 8 days (since I first bought the nuc) trying to troubleshoot this annoying issue and determine whether this is a hardware incompatibility and therefore I needed to return the product, or a software issue that could eventually be resolved.


      I have used different HDTVs/Monitors, namely: UE55B7000WW and LT32E310EX. Both exhibit the issue in every different HDMI input of each and using various different HDMI cables including HDMI 2.0 certified cables.

      I have updated the BIOS to the latest 0040 firmware. The issue is still there.

      I have updated the LSPCON firmware from 1.60 to 1.66. The issue persists.

      I have also used different power supplies to power the NUC (12V DC 75Watt Max) with the said issue stil persisting.

      I am running windows 10 x64 enterprise and all drivers are up to date and were downloaded from intel's website.

      EVERY other computer I own can do 1080p @60Hz using the above mentioned HDTVs/monitors without any issues.

      The NUC6CAYH is advertised and sold as ABLE to do 1080p @60Hz, hence the workaround of running my refresh rate @50Hz is completely out of the question.


      Anyway, as I mentioned I am not here to accept suggestions from people on what to try next. I wasted enough time and I was lucky enough to pinpoint the problem to the Intel Graphics Driver. Therefore, I am here to submit this as an official bug report and hopefully have Intel's engineers reproduce, acknowledge and eventually fix the issue in one of the upcoming driver releases.


      My NUC remains issue free when I use Graphics Drivers up to and including

      As soon as I update to any newer drivers (starting from 4627 up to and including the latest 4729) the issue appears. I did not bother to test 4614 as it was a beta driver and I was not interested in using a beta driver anyway. So I do not know if 4614 has this issue or not.


      In case Intel refuses to acknowledge this issue as a graphics driver bug, I would like to know ASAP and in writing as I want to return this product as defective and not get charged any restocking fees etc. I am happy with the unit as far as everything else is concerned, but there is no way that I am going to keep it either using an outdated driver or at a lower refresh rate than what the product was advertised and sold as. I am sure that Intel will choose to stand by its products and not lose another customer as happened already with MannT.


      If Intel has another process in place for submitting driver's bugs, I'd be happy to follow it as soon as you let me know about it.

      Please do not close this discussion unless an official acknowledgement or denial of the issue as a driver bug is given by Intel.


      Looking forward to a very prompt resolution of this problem.