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    Installing H Clip for waterblock on a DX58SO?


      I have a Thermaltake VD4000 Series Kandalf LCS computer case that has liquid cooling built in.  I'm  installing an Intel Desktop Board DX58SO with a i7-920 1366-pin CPU into  it.  I ordered the A242331 Water Cooling Upgrade H Clip for LGA1366  Core i7, because the clip that came with it only supports 775-pin CPU.  I was going to install it but Intel has installed a metal  piece on the bottom of the motherboard under the CPU and the H Clip is  going to go on top of it. I thought the H Clip is supposed to be flush with the motherboard?  Will that work properly if it's on top of the metal piece instead of being flush with the motherboard?  Here is a picture  to show you what I'm talking about.  Thank you for your help  and time.