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    Nuc7i3BNH problem with bios 0048


      THis is an advice for user and not a question.

      From upgrade to bios 0048 i did had problem with kody 17.3 Krypton (My S.O is windows 10  1703) at start of video when kodi sets the right 23, 24  25 50 or other value for video according to material to reproduce. The problem is that system start to reproduce video but only audio is available; do not show the video but the start screen of kody menu page. The same when you stop the video: remain video blocked and there no return to kodi menu page. No command will be esecuted in these moments, the system is quite blocked. Only try to change audio level the system start again to operate.

      If you cancel the faetures of kodi of changing video setting according to material to reproduce the problem disappears:
      This evening with the new bios update 0049 the problem seems to be solved


      I confirm that every update .is a dangerous happening.


      NUC is a wonderfull hardware mini PC but bios and driver are a nightmare.


      Bye Antonino

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          Hi Antonino,

          I understand you were able to solve a problem with Kodi when starting to play videos after BIOS update 0049.
          That is an excellent feedback to all community peers. I thank you for taking the time and send this information. I am sure this will be helpful to any one with this type of problems.

          Best Regards,
          Allan J.