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    Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK bricked


      Hello, recently something happened to my NUC, which one part I can explain and another part I cannot.


      2x8gb DDR4-2133 Crucial

      1x 500gb evo Samsung M.2


      For about 3 months NUC was performing well with no issues what so ever.


      Two days ago, I decided to update bios and other drivers. All has been updated successfuly with no issue and done on Windows 10.


      However, last night Windows 10 froze, it did not response for any controls so I decided to hold the power button and turn it off.


      After that, NUC would load either trying to recover the damaged files on the hard drive or just freezing at a loading wheel. Sometimes I would be able to get into windows even log in and in a short period of time it freezes. I was able to recover the system using windows recovery at a boot up.


      After that windows would boot and work for longer but still freezes. However, I was able to check the hard drive and put on a virus scan.


      So, I have booted it one more time but it froze at a loading wheel. So I hold a power button and turn it off.


      After that my NUC turns on, power button light is off, I cannot enter bios.

      So I decided to recover BIOS using procedure described on Intel web site.


      Result was northing sometime fans will spin until you power the machine off, sometime it will spin the fan and then restarts by itself. The light on USB stick will not light.


      I might be not correct with my procedure but I have tried with different USB sticks as well as different bios versions.


      Thanks for any help in advance.