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    Can I use 4 DIMMs of Ram for DX58SO board?




      I have been using Intel DX58SO mother board for nearly 10 years with 3x4GB DIMMs of ram as this mother board manual suggested to use only the blue coloured 3 slots leaving the 4th black slot empty for best performance. That makes it 12 GB of memory. But the manual also states maximum RAM supported for this board is 16GB. In recent times my music production projects are getting 12GB filled up with few projects and I am unable to think how to increase my RAM. 8 GB DIMMs are too expensive to buy 3 of them to replae old 4GB dimms. Even then 3x8GB would be 24 GB and one 8 GB DIMM would be useless too.


      Can I install one more 4 GB DIMM in the black slot? what will happen? Or replace one 4GB dimm with new 8 GB dimm would work fine? Or just buy 2 8GB and throw all old 3 4gb dimms? Did anyone tried and can share your experience and advice?


      Would be thankful if anyone can respond asap.