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    Es compatible un procesador ivy bridge en el socket de un sandy bridge?


      tengo un pentium b970 y quiero cambiarlo por un i7 3630qm y quiero saber si es compatible, tambien quiero saber como puedo ver el modelo de mi placa madre o de mi chipset para ver si es completamente compatible y no cometer un error, si no ojala me recomienden un procesador que sea bueno y compatible para mi notebook, saludos espero respuesta

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          Al Hill

          You must contact the manufacturer of your system/motherboard and ask them what processors are compatible with their BIOS.


          An upgrade processor must be socket, chipset, and BIOS compatible.  Also, the socket cannot use a BGA socket (which means the processor is soldered to the motherboard).


          Here is a comparison of the two processors you referenced.

          Intel® Product Specification Comparison


          Yes, they are SOCKET compatible.


          You may want to review this document:

          Intel® Desktop Processor Upgrade Information


          Lastly, to determine more information about your chipset and motherboard, you may want to use a utility like the one below.  This link is provided only for your convenience.

          CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID


          Now, for my personal opinion.  Even if you can upgrade your processor, it will not be supported.  And, if your plan is to upgrade to Windows 10, it will do you little good.  It would be best to upgrade your system to a new/newer one that is supported for its hardware and software.



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