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    S1200V3RP won't boot past BIOS identification


      I'm having trouble booting a S1200V3RP server board with a Core i3-4130T installed.


      It doesn't sound any beep codes, and generates video as far as displaying the following:


      Version 2.14.1219.Copyright(c) American Megatrends, Inc

      Installed BIOS: S1200RP.86B.03.01.0002

      Platform ID: S1200RPS


      After a few seconds, the status LED on the motherboard begins flashing orange. The diagnostic LEDs show a code of 00101011 which doesn't appear to be documented (it was mentioned in another thread here, but never resolved).


      CPU is a Core i3-4130T which appears to be fully supported with this board and BIOS. Both board and CPU are new.

      I have tried three different RAM modules that should all be supported, and have installed in slot A1 for troubleshooting.


      Removing the RAM generates a three-beep error code as expected; likewise, removing the CPU generates 1-5-2-1.


      Can anyone provide further troubleshooting advice? Thank you in advance.