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    AC3160 bluetooth can't discover some devices.



      HP x360 13-s000ur laptop, win10 x64, latest bluetooth drivers from Intel with update utility. In device manager driver looks good (no alarms, "working properly" status). When trying to add new device - adapter doesn't discover it at all. I've tried with logitech mouse m557 and logitech k480 keyboard and some noname bluetooth speaker. All mentioned devices work fine with smartphone. Adapter once descovered some TV from my neighbors but not my mouse.

      I've tried all typical trics with reinstalling driver, disabling power management and tuning bluetooth service in Win10. No luck. In Ubuntu on the same laptop - adapter discovers mouse, but fails during pairing. I believe it's driver issue. Is there something I can do to get my logitech mouse to work on Win10?


      Sorry, UPD:

      I've tried one more time to discover and pair mouse in Ubuntu (same laptop), and, by accident found out that it works, but only if very close to laptop's bottom. I've, litterally, placed laptop over the mouse and it worked good. But it's not working anywhere near the laptop, in normal position.


      I went back to win10 and placed mouse ander the bottom - adapter discovers mouse, but fails to connect.