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    After installing ubuntu, ubuntu did not start into the desktop


      Hello, everyone,

         I got a Joule 570x board two days ago. Now I am tring to installed an ubuntu sytem on it, but met some problems during the process. I would appreciate if you could give me some help.

          According to the reference page, https://developer.ubuntu.com/core/get-started/intel-joule , I made a bootable USB, and intalled Intel Joule - Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS imag

      into my Joule 570x board. The whole process of the installation finished. For now, when I powred on the board, It could goes into the login window as shown in Figure1.  After entering

      the password, the window would always keep in the Figure2.  I waited  for at least twenty minutes. But the situation still keeps. Are there anyone who known how to fix this bug?


      Thank you,


      Jack from Shanghai

      gg.PNG         pp.PNG

      Figure1.                                                                                                             Figure2