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    Intel 4703 driver will black out for 1 second whenever video plays


      Acer Aspire XC-704

      Intel N3700 with driver

      WIndows 10 1703 15063.502


      Whenever a video is played, the whole screen will turn black (with a visible white arrow cursor) for a second and again turn black when you exit the video.


      The edge browser (with flash disabled) will start AUTOMATICALLY playing every single HTML5 video within the webpage --- whether the videos are in the main content or the advertisements on the side.


      So going to websites like cbsnews.com or abcnews.go.com, it will black out 10 times when you scroll down.


      It happens like this:


      (1) visit cbsnews.com front page

      (2) edge browser auto plays the feature story, the screen blacks out for a second (with white arrow cursor visible).

      (3) the screen comes back after a second and you start scrolling down.

      (4) when you scroll down enough to not see the feature video anymore, the screen blacks out a 2nd time.

      (5) the screen comes back and you start scrolling down.

      (6) you scroll down enough to see an ad with a video playing, the screen blacks out a 3rd time.

      (7) you scroll down further to pass the ad, the screen blacks out a 4th time.

      (8) rinse and repeat for every news item with a video or an ad with a video.


      The screen will also black out for a second when playing videos full screen in Netflix app or youtube in edge browser (flash disabled).

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