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    Windows 10 Black Bars in Games Problem



      I long time ago when windows 10 was made, I installed it on my computer that has Intel HD Graphics and I posted about the black bars in Games like CS:GO, L4D and many other games.

      There was no fix for the problem untill intel posted an update about it, and they apparently fixed it on some of the HD Graphics cards. My brother have a computer but with a bit different Intel HD Graphics card

      becasue the panel of intel that he has differs from the one I have.


      his card panel looks like this :



      Mine looks like this :



      Here's my graphics card info :




      I reacently read an article about Intel fixed the black bars for its HD Graphics cards but sadly it doesn't work for me and I can't update the panel to the new one that removes the black bars


      Can someone tell me a solution to fix the problem or to update my panel


      Thank you very much.