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    Win7: use TRIM w/ built-in MS AHCI driver, or use IMSM/IRST driver and run SSD Toolbox


      I'm planning to install Windows 7 Ultimate w/ a X25-M 80GB G2 and I'd like to figure out what's the best way to configure the system. Here's what I know / assumptions so far:


      1. Intel storage drivers (IMSM or IRST) is not able to pass TRIM command to SSD, whereas Microsoft AHCI driver is able to do so.

      2. If one disregards fragmentation/degradation, IMSM / IRST offers (much) better performance than the Microsoft AHCI driver.


      While we all seem to be waiting for Intel to release an IRST driver with TRIM support, has anyone tried the following 2 configs and determine which one offers the best performance?


      1. Allow Windows 7 to pass TRIM to SSD by using Microsoft AHCI driver

      2. Use IRST for the ICH, and run Intel SSD Toolbox periodically for defrag


      By the way, I plan to run this on a 965 / ICH8 board.

      I apologize if this has been covered in another thread and please kindly point me to that discussion. Thanks in advance for your help!