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    External Monitor is Not Being Detected


      I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop with Intel HD Graphics 4400 Driver on it (most updated version It is running Windows 10 64-bit. I've always used it connected to an external monitor to extend my display (one monitor at work and one at home), yet it has stopped being able to detect when a monitor is plugged in through the micro HDMI port. I'm using all of the same equipment (cables, monitors, etc) that I have always used, so I don't believe it is a problem with any of these. It seems to have stopped working after the most recent Windows update that ran about a week ago.


      I have tried the windows button + P and selected extend display--it does not do anything. I've tried going into Display Settings and clicking "Detect" to detect another display--this also has not worked. I've also tried installing an older version of the graphics driver... nothing. I've been scanning the web for any kind of help on this and haven't found anything that works... I also contacted Lenovo support and they failed to help me. If anyone thinks the graphics driver isn't the problem here, please let me know so I can focus my efforts elsewhere.