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    Please help! Why SR300 Very unstable?


      We use SR300 in our new product ,and the product will be produced many in Months after.

      But we encountered  very serious problems, So we need Help!


      Running environment:


      windows10  Enterprise Edition

      RSUnityToolkit of sdk 2016 R1

      CPU i7-7700k

      RAM 8G

      Graphic Nvidia GTX 1080


      Instability problems:


      <1>The product with SR300 run well  With face detecting and hand detecting in my office. But as to take the product to Exhibition, the SR300 always stop work with lots of people move around.

           I had test many people move around in my office , the camera work well. I dont know the reason, why in Exhibition ,it is very easy to Instability.


      <2>We test the product well in office. When take the product to the customer, we need to replug the camera ,  the camera will work normally in few minutes. but there is a big chance that the camera cant work in about 10 minutes later . In this situation , we check the driver worked normal. But the camera cant work . When we meet this situation , we reboot the computer serveral minates later ,or change anothor camera, will solve the problem. I dont konw the reason ,why when I rePlug the camera ,will conduct this problem.


      <3>The camera driver will always lost itself. Servel times ,our customers told us that the camera not worked ,we found that ,the driver missing. I dont know the reason why the dirver always missing?


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          I would recommend using the 2016 R2 SDK if possible.  It is close in design to the R1 SDK you are using, and Intel no longer recommend using R1 due to potential security vulnerabilities in it and earlier RealSense SDKs, particularly related to the Web Component / Java.


          As far as I know, it is fine to use Windows 10 Enterprise Edition with the camera.


          Regarding your question about exhibition instability: it is well known that electronic products that work well under office conditions can malfunction at exhibitions / conferences.  This is often due to interference from many people in the area using devices such as smartphones. 


          Stage presentations at giant videogame industry conventions such as E3 can go wrong when using wireless controls because of audience device interference, causing the game controls to slow down or disconnect.  And at an Intel stage event demonstrating a RealSense-powered retail robot called Tally, the Tally robot was slow to respond to commands from the person demonstrating it because of device interference.


          If there are not a lot of people using devices at your exhibitions, another explanation may be that it is due to a known issue in the RealSense face module software, where if a person in the background walks into the camera's view and then walks out of the camera view, there is a chance that the application may crash.  Intel regard the R2 SDK as being the most stable for facial recognition.  However, if you have tested your application in the office with many people and not experienced a crash of the application, this may not be the cause of your problem.  Device interference at conferences seems more likely.


          It is not clear what you could do to reduce device interference.  I suggested (half jokingly) to another user experiencing interference that they could try putting a small Faraday Cage around the camera, which would isolate it from outside signals.  Smartphone testing labs sometimes use such cages to test a smartphone.  Another thing you could do at exhibitions only is perhaps put the SR300 in a modified enclosure box, like I suggested for the discussion linked to below.


          Re: Is your RS300 overheating or just really hot when used every 3-5 minutes?


          Regarding camera disconnections: you can get much higher camera connection stability by plugging it into a mains-powered USB hub instead of directly into the PC's USB port.  Hubs can be bought from stores such as Amazon for around $15 by searching for 'powered usb 3.0 hub'.  I do not know if having to attach the camera to the mains power via the hub would be appropriate for the mobility of your product though.


          Regarding missing drivers: it is not clear why this occurs.  A quick fix with the SR300 is usually to go into the Device Manager and uninstall the RGB, depth and virtual drivers, unplug the camera and then plug it back in a couple of seconds later.  This reinstalls the drivers over an internet connection using windows update.

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            Thank U Very much! I will try r2 sdk And mains-powered usb hub!

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              You're very welcome!  You can download the R2 SDK as a 1.8 gb file from the link below, which starts downloading in your browser immediately.



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