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    Windows RE in Virtual BIOS .48 quandary


      Using NUC7i5BNH with latest virtual BIOS I am stuck in that when I boot into the Windows recovery disk I get a failure to restore message as there is a data disc in the boot BIOS. On looking at the BIOS all disks are shown as legacy with nothing under UEFI, which I don't know why that would be. So then I thought maybe the resolution is simply to remove the back up USB drive from the legacy BIOS list, but no, you cannot remove one USB device it has to be all, which is unhelpful as the drive with the recovery CD is USB driven. Thus I then wonder why the HD with Windows is not showing as a UEFI drive? But, even if it was possible that doesn't solve the problem of how to stop a USB data drive showing up in the legacy BIOS window and curtailing the recovery operation. Which brings me to my last question as to why should Windows care if a data drive is shown in BIOS, as it is the same drive it is going to get its data from anyway?