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    BIOS update for NUC7i5BNH causes fan speed settings to be ignored


      I have a new NUC7i5BNH and I noticed that the fan ran at constant speed. I found the Cooling page in the BIOS and set it to Quiet - this allowed the fan to slow down and stop when the CPU was not loaded.


      I then updated the BIOS - the previous one had a March date, the new one July. With the new BIOS, the fan runs at a constant 3700RPM no matter what I set for the fan mode. I see several other threads reporting the same problem (but was asked to start a new thread). Given that it worked before the BIOS update, it is evidently not a hardware problem and is instead a bug introduced into the BIOS. How can this be escalated to the proper team to fix it?

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