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    Intel HD 530 Driver Issue? HDMI not working




      I believe there is a problem with the HDMI output of my motherboard.


      I'm having a problem with the HDMI output of my motherboard-- it isn't working. I don't recall updating any drivers or changing any settings, but one morning I turn on my computer and I make it to the Windows 7 boot animation and instead of the logon screen showing, the monitor just goes blank. The monitor does stay on though, which leads me to believe that something is making its way through the hdmi connection. Being the idiot that I am from time to time, I didn't think this was a display problem since the boot animation showed, so I boot windows 7 from the install CD and ran startup repair, and I ran a chkdsk from the command line, and it didn't pick up any errors. But the problem still persisted, so I went ahead and re-installed Windows 7. I thought that this fixed the problem, but then as soon as I reinstalled the Intel HD 530 driver, it came back again. The HDMI connection works fine WITHOUT the Intel driver installed, but it doesn't work when it is installed. I have tried the following things to fix the problem:  (and none did anything)


      - Disabling and Re-Enabling the graphics driver in Device Manager

      - Uninstalling the driver I downloaded from Intel and downloading the version from my motherboard's manufacture

      - Installing an older version of the driver

      - Using the DVI output on my motherboard with a DVI to HDMI adapter (my monitor doesn't have a DVI input)

      - Adjusting Screen resolution

      - Adjusting refresh rate

      - Installing and Uninstalling the monitor driver


      I am able to use the computer with a VGA connection, but the picture isn't of the same quality so I'd like to resolve this problem and use my HDMI instead. After reinstalling windows, I discovered that the login screen loads fine, there's just no picture over HDMI, so it must be a display issue. When I have BOTH connections plugged in, the computer recognizes both as displays, but I noticed that the Intel app shows the VGA as a "display" and the HDMI connection as a "Television"...not sure what that means but I figured that this might mean a EDID problem might be the cause of this. Additionally (unsure of what it means) --> I can't access the on-screen menu for the monitor when HDMI input is selected like I can on other inputs...


      I have the following setup: (I built this in the hollowed shell of a Powermac G5 just so my dad had a computer that was fast enough for him to enjoy YouTube haha)


      Intel i3-6100 Processor (w/ HD 530 Graphics)

      I am using the onboard graphics (no graphics card)

      Asus H170M-PLUS/CSM motherboard

      Samsung S24E310 LED monitor


      Let me know if I can provide any more information. What has me the most frustrated with this is how it just suddenly happened... and now I can't seem to make it un-happen.