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    Cant Install Optane, Please help


      Hi guys i just purchaced an optane 16gb and tried to install it, it says that the Bios does not support it, but that is not true, i updated to the most recent version of bios and my mother board definatly supports optane.

      my Computer Rig is as follows:


      Cpu : i5 7600k    

      Ram : corsair 8gb single stick

      Mobo : AsRock Z270 m-itx/ac

      HDD : Seagate barracuda 500gb    

      PSU : Corsair CX 450m

      GPU : EVGA 1050 ti    

      OS :  Windows 10 64bit.


      Please let me know what i can do to fix my problem. i have tried a few things but nothing works, i had a look in disk management and it does show the optane drive as unallocated space.

      i have even reinstalled windows 3 times now.



      Thank you.



      Dominic Alberts

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          Never mind i fixed it myself, not that anyone has even answered my question...


          i spent hours on forums trying to get a straight answer on how to install Optane, everyone claimed to know but no one actually said anything of value. For all those wondering, in order to install Optane memory, you need to meet 4 requirements, update your Bios to the latest version or the one that supports Intel Optane, then make sure to make a UEFI windows Bootable USB to boot from and install windows (if you have EUFI already then dont worry about reinstalling windows), set Bios to AHCI mode before running Boot USB(because your motherboards Optane app will need it to install the optane because it allows you to see it in the bios.) and then last of all make sure the hdd you are installing windows on or the one you have already is formatted in GPT.


          like i said if you have all of that checked, it should run smoothly without any problems, just run your MOBO's Optane App or intels one off the website and you should be good to go.


          Hope this helps anyone with problems.



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            The before you buy page would've probably helped: Before You Buy Intel® Optane™ Memory


            PS. Intel guys are only here to help during weekdays.