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    NUC7I3BNH HDMI-DVI and USB-C-DVI gives pink screen, no green signal


      I bought my NUC to use as a media center connected to both my TV (HDMI) and projector (DVI).


      The HDMI connection on the TV works well and gives me full color. Using a HDMI-DVI adapter or a USB-C to DVI adapter and connecting multiple different DVI cables to my projector gives me a purple / pink screen where green displays as black. Changing the green slider in the graphics control panel doesn't change anything on the output whereas the red and blue sliders do. See the attached images.


      I am using the latest BIOS and display drivers but the problem has existed with previous versions too. The pink hue is also present in the boot up screens so I don't think it's driver related. When connecting the same setup to a different pc with a GTX980Ti or a GTX760 over HDMI to DVI the colors look fine so the projector is also not to blame.