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    7i5bnk - 2 4k monitors, both flicker to black for 2 seconds around once every minute - unusable


      I have been using the 7i5bnk with 2 4k monitors at 60Hz (1 23" dell and 1 27" LG) - and it's been working well for a month or two until today (29 July 2017).


      Very occasionally before one monitor would go black for a second maybe 4 times a day. Today I installed new graphics, network and BIOS drivers - now both screens flicker black for 2 seconds each about once a minute. This is an unusable environment!


      I re-installed the old drivers from June - but the flicker *is still happening*.


      I've tried each monitor by itself with other one not plugged in. One is on HDMI, one on DP. Both do it separately when they are the only one connected.


      I'm using this as my main workstation and now I can't work - it's just impossible to work with the screens constantly turning off.


      It seems to get worse if I have multiple videos playing, or move windows around quickly - though it's always a little unpredictable.


      How can I fix this - it has destroyed my ability to earn money to buy food.