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    DP55WB not booting no beeps just power recycles help pls ?


      this is a new build the motherboard has a i5 650 on it. i used the correct ram and the video card is tested as working. now when i add power to the computer it just keeps rebooting over and over with no post or beeps it boots for around 15 seconds then reboots. i was told it could be it dose not have a bios update that is required for this cpu. i called intel and they told me i could download a bios for it and put the motherboard in recovery mode and it would read the bios via usb in recovery mode and flash the bios to the latest version. my question is with the system rebooting over and over with no beeps should i try this or will it not work. i just dont want to waste my time if somone can give me a straight answer to this. i have built a few computers 45nm and such this will be my first i5 so as for experiance i have a bit with building but i have never ran into this before .