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    Euclid and Movidius


      Hi, I've a question about the future of RealSense technology: are there plans of a future implementation of Movidius in the Euclid system to increase the power of the system?


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          The forthcoming RealSense 400 camera has double the operating range and over double the number of trackable depth points, and that advancement is rumored to be due to a chip based on the Movidius vision tech.  I do not personally know of plans to use it in a future Euclid though.


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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello Piero78,

            Thank you for your interest in the Intel® Euclid™ Development Kit.

            We don’t discuss about the future of products or updates/features/roadmaps/etc. I’ll suggest you to keep checking the community for future announcements.

            If you have any other question, don't hesitate to contact us.

            Have a nice day.

            Andres V.

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              Piero, I just wanted to clarify why I could talk about products but Andres could not.  I am not an employee of Intel, so are less restricted.  If I had inside knowledge of an Intel product then I would not reveal it prematurely either though, as I take such non-disclosure situations very seriously.  The initial information about the R400's capabilities was publicly released last August by Intel in their Newsroom press release site.  


              Intel Announces Tools for RealSense Technology Development | Intel Newsroom


              Advance information about forthcoming products is often mentioned on the Newsroom (Euclid was also revealed in the above announcement), so I recommend keeping an eye on that site for officially released news of Intel's future plans for Euclid and RealSense.