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    Intermittent HDMI audio and video drops using NUC7i7BNH




      I have recently bought an NUC7I7BNH, which I am using with Windows 10, and connected via HDMI to a Denon AVRX2300 receiver, and a 4K 60hz-capable Vizio TV.


      I am using the Kodi media player, and have noticed frequent audio drops when bitstreaming (particularly high bitrate streams, it seems), and sometimes video drops (usually when outputting, say, 2160p@24hz + DTS-MA) . The audio drop-outs can occur as frequently as every 20 seconds or so. All the drivers, including the HDMI firmware are up-to-date.


      Everything worked fine on my previous build with a NVidia GTX 950, so I'm sure the issue is related to the NUC, especially as I simply swapped the SSD from the old rig to the new NUC.


      Another odd issue I've noticed is that while Kodi displays 1080p movies by selecting an output resolution of 1920x1080@24hz, as expected (debug log confirms this), the AVR actually receives an 'upscaled' 2160p@24hz video stream from the NUC. Very strange, and most undesirable. It might be that this 'upscaling' is also exacerbating the audio drop-out problem, as my suspicion is that the frequency of drop-outs correlates directly with the overall HDMI bitrate being outputted.


      The drop outs make the system currently unusable as a media player. Any help would be greatly appreciated.