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    Audio Problems Intel Bay Field d865gbf




      For a week ago I reinstalled my operating system, and Notice that I don't have any sound. Before the installation I could listen to music with no problem at all.


      I've downloaded chipsets, and run the program. But when I come to accepting the license and accepting a Window appear some kind of error. here's the message:


      >setupDLL\setupDLL.cpp (391)
      @Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) BT_OTHER 232.64


        I press "OK"

      A New sign appears

      Setup has experienced an error.
      Pleaso do following:
      - Close any runnig programs
      - Empty your temporary folder
      - Check your internet connection (Internet-based setups)

      Then try to run the Setup again.


      Error code:   -5001                                                    [OK]


      And like last time I pressed OK, and nothing will start or something.


      Im not willing to buy a new computer right now...


      So please help me!