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    Intel DH55TC support for Xeon X3460


      I've been having loads of trouble  with my Intel DH55TC motherboard for a while.
      So around 8 months ago, I bought a used i5 760 upgrading from my i3 540 which ran just fine on the motherboard, but the i5 760's temperatures were sky high, staying at the high 90s just as soon as I loaded up a game. I had to return the processor back to the guy and I blamed him that the CPU got damaged while shipping.
      Now, after 3 weeks my Xeon X3460 finally arrived from Aliexpress. I was excited and was confident that it would work, since on ever site it says the Xeon X3460 is supported. I applied the little thermal paste that came in a packet with the CPU. Since the Arctic Mx 2 I ordered hasn't arrived yet. I booted up the PC, just to see the same again, I'm getting temperatures fluctuating around 70C as I write this and it literally goes to 99C when I load up any game. I'm using stock cooler and there's no option in my bios to increase the stock fan speed, it runs relatively slow at 1000 RPM. And I have installed the latest BIOS version for the mobo from the intel website. Nowadays it's summer and I reside in Islamabad Pakistan so it's hot, room temperature is prolly around 30-35C which is my guess. And the i5 750 I installed was actually in winter so summers can't be used as an excuse. I've also reset bios settings to default.
      Anyways after so much wait I'm just too ****** to be bearing this now. I just want to know an answer, is the Intel DH55TC actually compatible with any of the processors I mentioned? Have any of you actually used them? And if the mobo is not the problem then what is?
      Feel free to ask any questions but just solve my problem somehow.