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    NUC5CPYH won't scale properly


      Hi everyone!

      I have some NUCs with Windows 10, but with this model (NUC Kit NUC5CPYH)  i have some issues:

      I have a product called "e-block", that basically are a set of softwares with activities for students, that works essentially like a old videogame (It work with 800x600), when i plug the NUC to a monitor through VGA it scale as it should be. But when i do it through HDMI, it just don't do it! it put the software in the middle of the screen (Adjust the output to 800x600, ignoring the real resolution or something).


      I try:

      • Using the scale options in the Graphic Panel of Intel
      • Changing the settings on the 3D Menu
      • Using the shortcut while the software runs (Works, but when i close the software i re open it, it reset the configuration)
      • Updating or downgrading the driversl.


      I want to find a solution without using the VGA Cable.


      Please help!!!