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    Horrible screen tearing with VSYNC off




      How do I get rid of the horrible screen tearing with VSYNC off using my laptop to produce video on an external display? Some games correlate mouse sensitivity with FPS and therefore using VSYNC is impossible. I acknowledge the technology was invented just for this problem but the point is a few years ago I was running this very same laptop with only an external display connected and I experienced next to zero screen tearing whilst now it's literally unusable. I have tried to roll back the drivers but the problem exists.


      What I'm trying to get to is a scenario similar to desktops with discrete graphics where you can turn off VSYNC and still have no visible issues in titles such as CS:GO. Right now turning off VSYNC renders some 40-50% of the upper screen a porridge with horizontal lines and misplaced frames. Limiting FPS makes no change. Running the games in windowed mode with VSYNC off in Intel HD properties takes a great bite off performance.


      Running a Lifebook E554 with i5-4210M / HD4600 and replicated the issue on my HP 820 with i5-4200U / HD4400. Tried all the connectors (VGA/DPort) and a different monitor.


      What was changed in the past two years? IIRC I was using Windows 10 back then as well.