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    Intel RealSense SR300 runs on NUC6I5SYK but not on NUC7I5BNK/BNH (usb power issues)


      In the Intel RealSense forums there are several discussions about power problems with the sensor. This is due to limited power supply from the USB 3 ports.


      With the 6th gen NUC, the sensor works fine, but with the new 7th gen versions, there seems to be power issues. I tried to connect it to all possible USB ports (even with an adapter to the USB3c). I deactivated all possible power saving options in Windows, but the problem stays the same. The sensor works fine when I connect it to an external active USB hub though - so it's definitely a problem of the NUC. I already updated to the newest BIOS and latest sensor drivers.


      This was tested on 5 NUCs - 3 of 6th gen and 2 of the 7th gen (all i5 versions).


      Is there any way to fix this?

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