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    I am an idiot:  Bought a NUC with OPTANE thinking it was RAM and not reading


      Alright I'm an idiot, I wanted a NUC with M.2 SSD.  Surfing around and was ready to buy Intel BOXNUC7I3BNH, some RAM and a Samsung M.2 250 GB SSD.  Ran into the kit with Optane installed, for some reason my brain misfired and said ah, preinstalled RAM and cheaper, yah, look at reviews nothing much there, purchase within 34 minutes and get it in two days.  Okay buy it and the SSD.  Get open EVERYTHING up review start up, read startup instructions specific to optaine, seemed odd but hey must have to do with it all being Intel or a NUC.  Open NUC and wait a minute, that's not RAM. ARGHHHHHHHH.


      So now I have a preinstalled octane unit (completely opened) AND an SSD hard drive.  I am perfectly ready to pay the stupid tax and install the SSD instead of buying a HDD to install and use the Optane,I have to wait for my RAM to get here anyway so thought I would ask for thoughts on what to do with the Optane unit?  I have no other computers to use it in...........


      2nd how should I go about replacing the optane, I saw some replacement procedures however this requires OS install then changing biOS, is there a way to replace the Optane with the SSD without initial install of a single use OS?


      Let the laughing begin.........