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    SCS SQL Database Question


      We are deploying Intel AMT and I am setting up SCS in database mode but our Database Admin had a question that I couldn't answer. hoping someone here could help.


      We need to find out some specifics about the storage key being used before proceeding with the installation to production. If it is a symmetric key, we need to validate that the algorithm used is AES_128 or higher.  If it is an asymmetric key, we need to validate that the algorithm used is RSA_2048.

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          I believe what you are asking is information about the storage key.  You can perform the same validation as I did.  Launch the RCS server and export the key someplace.  Rename the key to .pfx and then install it into your personal store.  This is just so that you can look at the storage key.  You can delete it afterwards.  The storage key uses a signature algorithm of sha512RSA and the signing algorithm (public key) is RSA 2048.