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    Best BIOS to revert to for DQ87PG? Having all sorts of boot issues.


      DQ87pg boot order won't stick when set to RAID is just one example I run into. We have hundreds of these PCs in classrooms and we also see the single boot device listed issue as mentioned in the forums.


      I did try 153, with the same results. I was hoping that, if after two years, they updated the BIOS, there must be a good fix, but it didn't take care of the issue.


      So, does anyone have a recommendation on which BIOS to go back to? I was think 148 or one of the 130s (I think you can't back further than one of the 130 BIOSes, but I can't remember which).


      Keep in mind this has nothing to do with the OS, as much as I tried to explain to the person in the above linked topic. I am trying to boot to a USB, whether it be our MDT drives or UBCD on USB, they work on DQ45s through DQ77s and the ASUS boards we've been using since Intel shutdown their desktop boards. This should also tell you it's not an issue with the drives.

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          Intel exited the Desktop Boards business soon after the release of the 8 Series boards. Once the standard (3 year) warranty period was over, the support team was disbanded and all maintenance work on the BIOS was terminated. The update that you recently saw released was put together by an emergency response team as a result of some serious security issues being found in the Intel Management Engine (ME) firmware. No other parts of the firmware package (BIOS or otherwise) were updated in this process. Unfortunately, due to the business exit, no other type of issue will be considered just-cause to receive similar attention. Do not expect these issues that you are seeing to be fixed in the future; they will not.


          It is certainly in the realm of possibility that the problems that you are seeing were introduced after the original production BIOS was released (i.e. were bug(s) introduced in some subsequent BIOS update(s)). Unfortunately, whether you will be able to back your way through these updates (and possibly locate one that doesn't exhibit the issue(s)) is going to be limited by the ME firmware. It simply may not allow you to go back beyond a certain point. If this is the case, you will have to stick with what workarounds you have in place.


          My only suggestion is for you to investigate whether the use of (or disabling of, as the case may be) UEFI support makes a difference in boot order handling.


          Hope this helps,