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    NUC7i7bnh Separating audio and video to amp and tv


      So I have this working well but need to know if it is the best solution.


      On my NUC7i7bnh (windows 10 ver#1703) used primarily as a HTPC and using KODI.


      I have the HDMI going directly into my 4k TV


      My AVR (Cambridge Audio 651r) does not output or passthrough 4k so to get all the Digital audio needed I just used a  USB-C adapter to HDMI  adapter and ran that directly into an HDMI input on my receiver. It works great and I get all the formats needed. No audio sync issues at all.


      My question is is this the correct way to do it or is there a splitter that I should use from the HDMI out on the NUC then split one side to the TV and the other side to the receiver for my audio. I do not have HDMI 'out' connected to anything on my receiver, it is purely for sound.