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    How to make GPIO's low on reboot


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      I'm using the GPIO's 8,9,10 on intel edison arduino expansion board.For the GPIO's I have connected the 4 module relay using 10K ohm resisters.when I issue the command reboot after closing the GPIO's 8,9,10 ,while rebooting all GPIO's are becoming LOW at a time and therefore all the 4 modules in relay are becoming ON.According to my application if that happens the sensor will get bad as both the terminals will be high.


      The default value on GPIO's 8,9,10 are high and we are triggering the relay by making the gpio's 0 and 1.But while rebooting as the services are stopping and starting the GPIO's are becoming low at a time and all the relays are becoming ON.


      Can you please suggest me the way how to make the GPIO's OFF while rebooting so that the pins are low on relay.Please do needful.



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