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    NUC7i5BNH Screen Flickering




      I've recently purchased a NUC7i5BNH and am experiencing the screen flashing whilst viewing at 4k resolution and difficulty in waking when it goes into sleep mode.

      I have updated all of the drivers from the Intel website. Sometimes it seems to stop after an update but then resumes the flickering after a short time. I have found that the previous graphics driver (4664 I think) seems to work better but still flashes at times. I can't use VLC but if I uncheck 'Contrast Enhancement' in Video Settings I seem to be able to watch movies in the native Windows 10 viewer with reduced flickering but it still occurs during normal Windows operation sporadically.


      The setup that I have is:



      1x 8GB Corsair Value DDR4-2133

      128GB Samsung SM961 M.2 PCIe

      Club 3D CAC-1310 HDMI Cable

      Samsung UE55KS7500 TV


      Please can you help as this NUC was purchased for the sole purpose of watching 4k at 60hz and at time the NUC is unusable. I have trawled the discussions but have come to the conclusion that this seems to be a driver issue.