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    Firmware download to DC 3600


      Has anyone been able to download and activate firmware to a D3600 via NVMe API calls? My code seems to work but the firmware never actually hits the slot... and no update occurs.


      Is there a developer's guide available for this drive that details what is and is not supported?



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello nvme_dev,

          We understand you would like to update the firmware on your SSD DC D3600 via NVMe* API. We would like to know first:

          -What is the current firmware of your drive?
          -What is the operating system you have installed?
          -Have you tried our supported CLI tool for the firmware update?

          In case you need it, here is the Intel® Data Center Tool, which contains the latest firmware version.

          For you to run the firmware, the command is isdct.exe load -intelssd "x" (Where "x" is the index of the drive).
          If you need more information about our supported tool, here is the guide.

          We strongly suggest to you to use our tool to get the drive updated.

          Nestor C

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            Thanks, Nestor. I'm aware of the tool and it works nicely, but the idea was to script the upgrade via direct NVMe calls instead. I've got a response from Intel Engineering, and we'll take it from there.


            Again, I appreciate the help!