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    Intel edison driver failure?/ports missing


      So I recently ran into an issue with the ports having disapeared, which I tried to fix by re-installing my edison drivers with the setup tool, which failed. I decided to use the standalone driver utility to bypass the issue. It says it worked but the ports didn't reappear and looking at the install log I get the following.


      x64 os

      Windows version: 8.1

      CertMgr.exe MFLD_USB_driver_cert.cer returned 0

      Installing drivers, please wait

      drvinstall.exe intc_usbcomp.inf returned 0

      drvinstall.exe intc_rndis.inf returned 0

      drvinstall.exe intc_cdcserial.inf returned 0

      drvinstall.exe intc_dfu.inf returned 0