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    NUC 7i7BNH can not find wireless network adapter


      My system is win10 64 Pro english.


      After I installed the operating system, it could find wireless network adapter.


      Then I powered off it and the next day I powered on it, it could not find wireless network adapter(please see my attachment).


      I checked nework configuration but I could not find anything about wireless adapter.


      If I restarted the computer for several times, it would be ok. But now it does not work even if  I restart it.


      I have downloaded wireless driver(19.60.0,19.70.0) from Intel website and installed it, but it still failed.(I tried several version)


      I am not sure whether the hardware is normal or not. (Or it is related with win10?)


      I could not find wireless adapter in the device management anymore.


      Anyone met this kind of issue?


      Thanks very much for your help!