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    S3710: G2010160 firmware removes HPA functionality?


      I booted the Intel Firmware Update Tool 2.2.1 iso from a pen drive and updated the firmware on one of my 400GB S3710s from G2010150 to G2010160. FUT reported that the firmware was updated successfully, and indeed the drive now reports G201060 firmware, and functions normally. But then I tried to examine its HPA setup using Linux hdparm -N and was surprised when this failed with "READ_NATIVE_MAX_ADDRESS_EXT failed: Input/output error". hdparm -I on this updated drive shows that, in comparison with another S3710 with G2010150 firmware, the following Commands/features are missing:

      • Host Protected Area feature set
      • SET_MAX security extension


      Does firmware G2010160 intentionally remove these features? I saw nothing to this effect in its release notes.