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    Face Landmarks




      I am new to the Realsence and euclid enviroment, and I need for my project to be able to detect some landmarks of face.

      I see that there is in the person library - Intel® RealSense™ for Linux - Person Library: Developer's Guide a Face Tracking and Face Landmarks fetures.

      For the past few days I been trying to use it but I don't understand how to. I tryed to install the examples, but it faild.


      Can you point me at the right direction for how to use it.


      Thanks, Asi.

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          If you are a beginner to RealSense and Euclid then creating programming scripts may be a daunting challenge.  I would recommend first trying the Euclid's built-in mechanisms in order to gain experience with the system before looking into writing your own programs.


          The Euclid has pre-installed modules called Nodes.  These can be inserted into programs called Scenarios.  One of those pre-installed Nodes is called 'Person Tracking', and there is a pre-installed Scenario that uses that 'Person Tracking' Node that is called "PersonView". 


          The Euclid operating guide document says about this Scenario:


          "The PersonView scenario runs the camera node along with the person tracking node to track people in the field of view of the camera."


          The guide says about Scenarios:


          "The Scenario tab allows the user to configure scenarios, create new scenarios, start/stop scenarios and remove existing scenarios.  A Scenario is a powerful way to control the DEVICE.  A Scenario is an experience or application that can run on the DEVICE and is a set of Euclid Nodes that run together."


          The Scenarios Tab can be found on the Euclid's Web Interface.


          Here is a link to the Euclid operating guide.  The information about Scenarios begins on page 7 of the document, and is followed  by information about Nodes.



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            Thanks for the response.


            In the past few days I used the Scenarios and Nodes, followed most of the tutorials and I can see the capabilities of the euclid system.

            I wrote the question after using the built in mechanisms and features, after trying to install the person library (without success) and all the things that I could do without contacting the support. Now I need to start working on my project, I want to use the euclid system for it and I hope that it will give me the information I need for it.

            The 'Person Tracking' Node and the "PersonView" Scenario is not giving me the information I need. I don't need information about the person in general I am trying to get information about the face, and the face landmarks.


            I know that it is harder to start programing scripts, but that is exactly what I need. So I am trying to use the face detection features but it seems that I can not install the library.


            Thanks for the support.


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              Ok, thanks for the further information.  I did not know your level of experience, so wanted to find an entry point that you would be comfortable with. 


              Assuming that you have installed the Intel RealSense SDK For Linux correctly, have you set up a C++ development environment to write scripts in?


              Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Linux: Getting Started

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                I am having some truble with installing the realsense sdk. I get the following error when traing to make the library:


                euclid@EUCLID_5031:~/realsense_sdk/build$ make

                [  2%] Built target realsense_log_utils

                [  8%] Built target realsense_image

                [ 11%] Built target realsense_viewer

                [ 16%] Built target realsense_compression

                [ 17%] Building CXX object sdk/src/cameras/playback/CMakeFiles/realsense_playback.dir/windows/v10/conversions.cpp.o

                In file included from /home/euclid/realsense_sdk/sdk/src/cameras/playback/windows/v10/conversions.cpp:6:0:

                /home/euclid/realsense_sdk/sdk/include/rs/utils/librealsense_conversion_utils.h: In function \u2018rs::core::metadata_type rs::utils::convert(rs::frame_metadata)\u2019:

                /home/euclid/realsense_sdk/sdk/include/rs/utils/librealsense_conversion_utils.h:270:22: error: \u2018actual_fps\u2019 is not a member of \u2018rs::frame_metadata\u2019

                                 case rs::frame_metadata::actual_fps:


                /home/euclid/realsense_sdk/sdk/include/rs/utils/librealsense_conversion_utils.h: In function \u2018rs::frame_metadata rs::utils::convert(rs::core::metadata_type)\u2019:

                /home/euclid/realsense_sdk/sdk/include/rs/utils/librealsense_conversion_utils.h:290:28: error: \u2018actual_fps\u2019 is not a member of \u2018rs::frame_metadata\u2019

                                     return rs::frame_metadata::actual_fps;


                sdk/src/cameras/playback/CMakeFiles/realsense_playback.dir/build.make:206: recipe for target 'sdk/src/cameras/playback/CMakeFiles/realsense_playback.dir/windows/v10/conversions.cpp.o' failed

                make[2]: *** [sdk/src/cameras/playback/CMakeFiles/realsense_playback.dir/windows/v10/conversions.cpp.o] Error 1

                CMakeFiles/Makefile2:919: recipe for target 'sdk/src/cameras/playback/CMakeFiles/realsense_playback.dir/all' failed

                make[1]: *** [sdk/src/cameras/playback/CMakeFiles/realsense_playback.dir/all] Error 2

                Makefile:127: recipe for target 'all' failed

                make: *** [all] Error 2


                I will install the Qt creator as a c++ enviroment.

                But the main issue is to install the SDK.


                Thanks, Asi.

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                  Take a look at the person ros wrapper at GitHub - IntelEuclid/realsense_person: Intel Euclid RealSense person pack.

                  You can register to the messages and use the output directly.




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                    I will try that.


                    The other thing is I don't understand why the installation of the realsense SDK and the personal library fails.

                    Hope that you can help with that. Since I want to try and see the features that looks so good at first look.


                    Thanks for the help.


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                      Intel Corporation
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                      Hi Asi,
                      Have you tried the RealSense ROS person as Amit suggested?
                      Also, regarding your issue installing the SDK for Linux, I’d suggest to follow these instructions: https://software.intel.com/sites/products/realsense/intro/getting_started.html.
                      -Yermi A.