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    How to scan very close objects using SR300 ? (mirror, multiple cameras ?)


      Hi guys,


      I've been trying to 3D scan objects from a very close range. The object I wanna scan is about 32cm long so I have to be at least 30cm away from it to be able to get the entire shape (I could scan it from 20cm but I would not have the entire object inside my scanning area).

      Here are the tests I've performed and the limits I encountered:

      • Moving the camera: this could work but it is something I don't wanna do, I'd like to perform an instant 3D capture
      • Using an angled mirror and scanning through it to reduce the maximum distance: this is the best solution I could find but I have limited results due to saturation (reflects in the mirror) and I cannot scan sharp angles (with an equivalent distance using a mirror vs direct scanning, the maximum angle that I can scan is smaller using the mirror. For example, if I try to scan a sphere with a mirror, the scanned surface would be smaller than directly scanning it)
      • Using multiple cameras? I didn't try to do it yet, is it easy to get an automated reconstruction of the two or more scans?

      Would you have any advice or suggestion on how to reduce the height between the scanner and the object?