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    NUC6i7KYK media playback crash




      I just got the Skull canyon nuc 3 months ago. I've had been using the NUC D54250wyk since 2014 with no issues.


      It's connected to a Pioneer SC-LX73 reciever (via HDMI).

      My tv is a Sony kdl-65hx920.


      Using windows 10 pro x64 with all the latest updates.

      Using the latest bios and graphics drivers(both updated yesterday)


      The skull canyon nuc i have has severe issues with media playback for some reason. I have this issue both with kodi and mp-hc(with madVR).

      At at random point in a movie or tv show the whole machine just locks up with the image frozen and the sound looping. The only solution is to hold the power button on the nuc untill i shuts off.


      I've also had this happen if i try to play games on it.


      Is there any way to figure out why this happens?

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          And also, if i set up the media player to sync refresh rate with source content, lets say 23.976 og 24p the nuc will switch to either 23p or 24p for the hdmi output and play the content back smooth. This lasts for a couple of minutes before the the nuc crashes(image freeze and looping sound).


          Doesn't seem to matter if i use DXVA2 or Intel quick sync for hw accelration.

          And i'm also bitstreaming the audio from the nuc to the reciever.

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            Hello AlexanderR

            Can you give the following details:

            1. RAM P/N

            2. SSDs P/N




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              1. Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 16GB 2666mhz ( 2x8GB 2666MHz DDR4 CL16 DR x8 Unbuffered SODIMM) - BLS2C8G4S26BFSD

              2. Samsung 960 EVO 250gb M.2 PCIe ssd - MZ-V6E250BW/EU

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                Hello AlexanderR

                Your NUC is designed to work with DDR4 2133MHz while you have installed 2666MHz RAM. In addition please take into consideration that the memory you are using is not on the list tested and approved for NUC memory:

                System Memory for Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK  and CMTL > Search > Tested Motherboard > Results

                So, in this case I'll suggest to test your NUC with compatible 2133 MHz RAM.




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                  Well, 2666mhz ram vs 2133mhz shouldn't matter. Your approved list contains memory rated way over the 2133mhz.

                  Anandtech did a test with different memory speed on this machine without issues.


                  But i'll do a couple test with memtest86+ just to see if there is something with the memory.

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                    Leon is absolutely correct; the KY NUC is not designed for nor validated to work with memory running faster than 2133MHz. Your symptoms are exactly what you would see of one of the memory busses locked up as a result of transfer errors (data latch errors, typically caused by noise on the memory busses). As well, any frequency above 2133MHz is technically overclocking a portion of the processor and this can result in higher processor temperatures (even at idle) and more-volatile temperature changes.


                    I also recommend that you upgrade to the latest available BIOS release. You need at least BIOS 48 installed to get the microcode fix for the Hyper-Threading issue in Skylake and Kaby Lake Core processors.


                    Hope this helps,


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                      Ok, if you think you know better, keep banging your head on the wall...

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                        Just ran the windows 10 memory diagnostic tool, it found no errors.

                        Also ran memtest86 with no errors.

                        I have the latest Bios as stated in the first post. Makes no difference.


                        According to the compatible memory list posted above, memory clocked higher than 2133 will operate at 2133 speeds.

                        That list also contains 2400, 2666 and 2800mhz memory witch is compatible according to the list.


                        So i can do memory testing with the ram i have with absolutely no problems, just can't watch videos without the nuc crashing. Makes no sense.

                        To me this seems like a gpu / gfx driver issue since the problem only appears when utilising the GPU. I've yet to have this happen during browsing / youtube watching.


                        But i'll get some 2133 mhz memory from work tomorrow and test your theory.


                        This thread here is the exact same issue as i have: NUC6i7KYK freezes but mouse still moves


                        Edit: Just to clarify. I've never had a BSOD on this unit. I most cases when the computer crashes i can move the mouse around and even get the task manager up. Can't end any processes though since it's frozen as well.

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                          Further findings:


                          I can runs multiple memtest86 runs without errors.

                          I can run prime95 without errrors.

                          I can run multiple 3dmark benchmarks without errors.

                          Every other thing except video playback works without errors.


                          So my conclusion is that the hardware are ok. Even the RAM in the machine is working as it should.

                          Ram settings set to "auto" or "XMP" in bios doesn't have any impact on the experience.


                          So i then tried with a fresh installation of MPHC(version 1.7.13) with the included LAV filters. Using madvr as well.

                          Mphc x86 or x64 gives the same problem.


                          Software decoding with stereo sound i working fine.

                          Software decoding with bitstreaming of sound is working fine.


                          As soon as i activate either DVXA2 or Intel QuickSync in LAV Video filters the problem starts.

                          I can play video for some time before the machine locks up.

                          Image is then frozen and the audio loops. ctrl + alt + delete results in black screen.


                          To me this looks like a problem with h/w accelerated playback of h.264 content.


                          I'm using the 4678 gfx driver.

                          Intel: Can you look in to this?

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                            Intel Corporation
                            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                            Hello AlexanderR,

                            Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

                            In this case, I would recommend following lw1948 and N. Scott Pearson's recommendations (to have the RAM speed @2133MHz).

                            Not having errors when running Memtests don't assure the issue is not related to the RAM speed.

                            Best Regards,
                            Juan V. 

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                              Ok, i'll get some 2133mhz ram tomorrow. Won't be memory on your approved list since that's seems old, and none of memory listed there is available here in Norway.


                              I still find it interesting that DVXA2 hw playback doesn't work but i can play games witch is more GPU intensive.

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                                Every time the nuc crashes this shows up in event viewer: igfxCUIService2.0.0.0


                                But i see that LAV video decoder when DVXA2 or Intel Quicksync isn't showing the iris pro 580 card.

                                So i'll look some more into that.


                                Running the latest gfx driver now(4729)

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                                  Intel Corporation
                                  This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                                  Hi AlexanderR,

                                  I will be awaiting the results.

                                  Juan V.

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                                    Didn't have any DDR4 ram available at work at the moment. Not going to buy more ram since i don't think it's where the problem lies.

                                    I see a lot of other users having the same problem on this forum, and ram isn't a issue there or even pointed at.


                                    Earlier this evening i installed a random older gfx driver for the iris pro 580, beta This was chosen at random.

                                    So far i'm in to the second movie with DVXA2 activated without crash.


                                    So i will let the nuc play movies the rest of the evening to see what happens.

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