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    intel hd 4000 with i5-3570k windows 10


      Hello i got a pretty annoying issue, i been struggeling with for about 2 months now and i submit defeat and ask for help.


      I upgraded a acer x1935 with 16gb ram and i put in a i5-3570k, installed windows 10 pro 64 bit, drivers didnt work, updated windows to 1703 still drivers didnt work, reinstalled windows about 3 times with different drivers other forums suggested no luck, for giggles i even tried to install windows xp 64 drivers and still got same result, when i booted up my pc it went to windows start screen and poof, computer crashed with screen looked a little like the one i uploaded.


      i tried just about every driver on Intels homepage, tried the diagnose tool and the tool for auto update drivers and all was to avail..


      so question what do i do wrong?


      windows 10 pro 64 bit, version 1703

      16gb ddr3 ram

      500gb hdd


      intel b75 chipset motherboard

      HDMI to HDMI



      hope you guys can help :-)