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    Display blanks out for 2-3 seconds since installing BIOS 0048 - NUC7i5BNH


      My NUC7i5BNH has worked perfectly for 3+ months until the last week when the main display blanks out for 2-3 seconds multiple times an hour (depending on what I am doing). I have all the latest drivers All latest drivers as of 6/15/2017 and and believe the issue only started when I upgraded to BIOS 0048 in the last few days.


      I run 2 monitors:

      Dell U3415W (3440x1440@60p Hz) running on the thunderbolt connector

      Dell U2717D (2560x1440@60 Hz) running on the HDMI connector


      Only the Dell U3415W monitor blanks out, however the audio playing through the monitor speakers continues working fine even when the screen is blank.


      I can't be absolutely certain that it happened as a result of 0048 but I can say that I haven't updated any other drivers on my NUC since mid June when the last Intel HD Graphics Driver (4678) came out.


      I've seen other threads with issues that seem similar but those people are using 4K TVs/Monitors.


      Intel SSU (System Support Utility) output attached


      Please can Intel provide an update on this issue and what the fix is.


      EDIT 8/7 - just in case others are reading this post and don't scroll through the thread I am adding the following:

      • Having done a clean reinstall of windows and latest drivers I still had the same issue with the DellU3415W blanking out for 2-3 seconds
      • Having done another clean reinstall but using graphics driver GFX_WIN10_64_15.45.18.4664 (i.e. an earlier version) then the issue has not returned
      • The issue may therefore be graphics driver related



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