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    Laptop turning off when intel hd 4000 is enabled


      I have a ATIV 8 samsung laptop with the "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000" and a "AMd Radeon HD 8600/8700m." I can provide whatever other information is needed to identify.

      My problem is odd and I have tried many different things to fix it, If I do not go into the device manger and manually disable to intel HD 4000 if I open up google or any browser my whole laptop will just shut off with no blue screen or crash report that I can find. I have switched the drivers on it many of times from the default drivers to the latest drivers in which I had to manually install cause I was getting an error when installing saying the drivers were not validated for my device. It just started doing this and I am not sure how to fix. I can pretty much get on google and everything when the device is disabled in my device manager, I can play games on my laptop with the intel hd enabled but i cannot open google or any other browser or my system icon bar. I thought it was a problem with windows 8 that I was on but once I updated to windows 10 it is still persisting. I have uninstalled both of the GPU's and reinstalled fresh set of drivers and it is still just turning off with no warning, just an instant black screen like my computer has never had power.