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    Intel NUC 7i7BNH; monitors blackout/flicker all black before going back to normal. Happens several times a day.


      More quality control issues to report.


      Basically my LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K monitor using a DP-to-USB-C cable (this one) is experiencing multiple daily black-outs where the screen goes completely black and then back to normal. It's running at full 4k resolution, 3840x2160 at 60Hz. My other 27-inch ASUS PB278Q WQHD monitor will also occasionally do the exact same blackout stuff, running at 2560x1440 at 60Hz. The ASUS uses a perfectly good HDMI 2.0 cable going to the HDMI port on the NUC, using the latest HDMI 2.0 firmware v.1.66. Reinstalling the 4678 driver does nothing. Rebooting does nothing. Please document this bug with the developers. Thanks.


      Also, latest drivers are installed on my 7i7BNH NUC, including the 4678 driver and latest July 4th v48 BIOS. See CPU-Z attachment to this email.