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    Unable to enable SSD Cache on multiple VDs AXXRPFKSSD2 with RMS3CC080 - when latest FW loaded




      We're getting errors when a setting up SSD Cache on single and multiple VDs with the RMS3CC080 Raid cards (we have tried 2 new raid cards both have the below problems).


      The problem only seems to exist with the latest firmware (v24.16.0-0082), previous FW: (24.15.0-0023) seems to works fine.


      You can create the SSD Cache VD fine, it's when you go to 'enable' the SSD Cache on one or more VDs when it either simply wont enable OR you get the below error:

      ssdcache error.jpg


      When you upgrade to the latest FW v24.16 with SSD config already assigned to multiple VDs, then it seems to work OK, but when you clear configuration and try to start from scratch, the errors start again.



      Can I ask Intel is this a problem Intel is aware of and will it be fixed in the next FW release?


      For now we're running with the previous FW rev. 24.15.0-0023, but the customer may upgrade later without our knowledge...




      Thanks for your help.