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    Cannot Install Optane Memory UI - No Error Code


      So I have looked at countless youtube tutorials, the official intel one on the support site, and called MSI support too. I already have the optane 16gb memory in my desktop motherboard (MSI-A H270 Pro). I got to do the setup of the optane memory, and I rebooted the computer through the installer. When windows [10] started back up, it gave the same "additional settings are being installed" with a big optane memory logo before it booted up, just like I see on everyone's videos. Then, when I sign into windows, I get the other "additional installation is required" and asks yes or no to proceed. I click yes, then it forms the optane UI executable where the final step is, to enable the optane memory, but when I click it, windows asks if its ok to use hard drive space, I click yes......and nothing happens. I can keep repeating this, keep clicking yes to allow to use hard drive space, but nothing happens.


      I called technical support for optane memory and I've been on hold for 39 minutes before my phone ran out of battery.