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    Black Screen with 3D Games on a brand new Skull Canyon with LG 5K thunderbolt display




      I'm running a new Skull Canyon device along with a new LG 5K (27MD5KA-B) thunderbolt monitor. It's a pretty plain install of Windows 10 pro, the intel utility to download all the latest drivers, and steam to play some games.


      If I want to play full screen 3D games with the LG monitor, I get a black screen. Anything 3d - Wolfenstein, HL2, TF2, etc. Anything else is fine.

      If I attempt to play them with a standard HDMI monitor, the games work fine.


      I've completed a full wipe and install just to cover that area. The thunderbolt firmware has been updated to the latest, and the utility is installed to 'authorise' the monitor.



      I'm attaching the output of the SSU.


      Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated!