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    Intel HD Graphics 530 - Screen goes black frequently after removing dedicated GPU and using the Intel onboard GPU


      So i took out my dedicated graphics card out today (980 GTX) from my MSI Z170A TOMAHAWK motherboard.


      For upgrading reasons i now use my onboard  Intel HD Graphics 530 gpu, but i have a huge problem.


      Every few minutes my screen just goes black and then works again.

      The audio and everything still works during that time.


      The frequency of this issue increases dramatically when i try to play games like CS:GO.


      What is also going on when starting the game, is that before the screen turns black there is static or noise on the screen, like when your television signal gets lost. It is very little but it increases up to a point and then the screen turns black. When i screenshot the screen during that time, my screenshot shows everything perfectly.


      So what could be the cause for this issue ?


      Did i damage my motherboard during the removal of my dedicated graphics card ?


      I have already installed the onbard drivers from Intel and have maxed out the memory setting in the BIOS. I have no idea what to do now.



      Please help me out guys.