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    Faild to add vlan filter to a vf used dpdk



      I set 4000-4049 vlan filter to a vf:

      for(vlanindex = 4000;vlanindex<=4049;vlanindex++)


                  diag = rte_eth_dev_vlan_filter(dev->port_id,vlanindex,1);

                  if (diag) {

                      VLOG_INFO("Interface %s vlan(%d) setup error: %s",

                                dev->up.name, vlanindex, rte_strerror(-diag));

                      return diag;




      2017-07-24T04:48:34.260Z|00076|dpdk|ERR|PMD: ixgbevf_vlan_filter_set(): Unable to set VF vlan

      2017-07-24T04:48:34.260Z|00077|netdev_dpdk|INFO|Interface dpdk-trunk-0000.01.10.2 vlan(4003) setup error: Network is down


      The error is in a random vlan filter set


      dpdk version: 16.11

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